Schindler adjacent apartments Kings Rd

August 31, 2010


One Response to “Schindler adjacent apartments Kings Rd”

  1. Color as definitive. Green clearly defines the spatial boundaries between interior and exterior, though structure itself does not. It delineates a type of use-space. But what is this use-space? Does it emphasize the only vertical circulation apparent within the space? Or is it merely a hybrid between the courtyard outside and the notion of interior space? What is this space? What is its function?

    Color as vegetation. Historically, courtyards are private open spaces surrounded by walls or buildings. It is an enclosed area that frames the sky overhead. These areas were often considered meeting spaces for whoever inhabited the surrounding buildings. Does it hold the same context now? There are no benches for anyone to sit on; no tables for people to gather around. In fact, another thing this particular sub-space lacks is color itself. The only traces of color are the few plants scattered within this space. What does this mean? Why isn’t there any color?

    One thing that catches my eye is the lack of vegetation. The green hybridized space emphasizes the scarce plants and makes them POP. The green color itself seems to be derived from these few plants. Is there a connection? Was green used in such a monumental way to imply the notion of vegetation? Since it implies vegetation to me, I almost see this Green hybridized space as the vegetation that is usually found outdoors. Yet it isn’t outdoors. Why? Its as if the architect wanted to mess with every visitor that walks within the confines of this space; few plants are outside while an implied vegetation defines the entirety of a hybridized space. Is green meant to emphasize the scarcity of vegetation? Or is it used as a tool to abstractly bring the greenery from mother nature herself into a space that is neither inside nor outside?

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