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Rios Clementi Hale – California Endowment

October 28, 2010

On the exterior the primary method for this is color: two single-story structures, which house meeting rooms for grassroots advocacy and service groups, are painted ochre, for the beige and stone of Union Station, and terra-cotta, for the brick palette of Chinatown. A third building is white flecked with panels of blue glass; all three are crisscrossed by bands of variegated greens to connect to the California landscape. “Some people in the organization were a little afraid of having strong colors, but once we explained the story behind them and they realized that this was about being thoughtful, not about showing off, they came around,” principal Bob Hale says.


Javier Larraz – Nursery School in Pamplona Pamplona, Navarra, Spain

October 27, 2010


West façade is protected against the direct evening sun through a structural lattice composed by vertical slats which are basically created by steel rhombus-shaped section pillars.

Kohn Shnier – Claude Watson School for the Arts Toronto, Ontario, Canada

October 27, 2010

The prevailing tectonic feature of the building is the aluminum brise soleil which protects the library from direct southern exposure. The hexagonal structure also alludes to ”the hive“, a clear analogue to the collective, creative activities of the students.

Peter Gluck – The East Harlem School New York, NY

October 27, 2010

Classrooms and other specialty academic spaces above are screened by a fabric-like weave of windows and panels of varying colors and degrees of reflectivity. As part of the pixelated facade, window openings are placed in relation to interior planning rather than imposing a formal exterior logic.

Daly Genik- Camino School, Los Angeles

October 27, 2010

Renzo Piano – LACMA

October 22, 2010


LIFSON: What’s with all the bright red you use at LACMA, Renzo?  The mechanicals are exposed, celebrated, as at your Pompidou Center, and are bright red!

PIANO: (His face lights up and he gets more animated) Red became a kind of pleasure, being in Los Angeles and looking at the beauty of color. Look at the blue of the sky, and look at the green of the trees that Bob Irwin is planting, and the way they play together. It’s about enjoyment, it’s about joy, the joy of Los Angeles! And the bright red all together unifies my work on this campus. On the Resnick Pavilion, it’s the color of the “breathing machine” [the ventilation system] and on the Broad, it’s the color of the elevator and the escalator. And I love to express those functions, I’ve been doing it at least since the Pompidou Center.