Renzo Piano – LACMA

October 22, 2010


LIFSON: What’s with all the bright red you use at LACMA, Renzo?  The mechanicals are exposed, celebrated, as at your Pompidou Center, and are bright red!

PIANO: (His face lights up and he gets more animated) Red became a kind of pleasure, being in Los Angeles and looking at the beauty of color. Look at the blue of the sky, and look at the green of the trees that Bob Irwin is planting, and the way they play together. It’s about enjoyment, it’s about joy, the joy of Los Angeles! And the bright red all together unifies my work on this campus. On the Resnick Pavilion, it’s the color of the “breathing machine” [the ventilation system] and on the Broad, it’s the color of the elevator and the escalator. And I love to express those functions, I’ve been doing it at least since the Pompidou Center.


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