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Rem Koolhaas – The McCormick Tribune Campus Center Illinois Institute of Technology

December 3, 2010

Is the use of color also very specific to this building? It seems like orange is the keynote color, and green is its complement.

Rem Koolhaas: I think that one of my fascinations with Mies is his sense of color, even though at first he is not usually associated with color, but I think that in the 20’s and 30’s he did some really strong experiments with color, and I can also kind of remember the first time I was in the Chicago Arts Club that there is kind of really strident and outrageous sense of color. I didn’t necessarily want to make it strident or outrageous, but I think that also interestingly enough, at least that was the effect on me when I was standing on State Street, the building (Student Center) in its scale is very modest compared to the Mies building, but by being that color somehow brings out the color in the Mies building, also.

By contrast between the two?

Rem Koolhaas: Not only by contrast but also by raising the issue of color, you suddenly see much more color in Mies.


Cesar Pelli – Pacific Design Center

December 3, 2010